You never know what you’ll find
when your journey takes you home,
what flowers await you,
what welcome signs by the front door.
So it’s best to prepare
for that first night
before your arrive.
Wear your friendship bracelet
on your watch hand—
you neveep
as long as you need
to awake refreshed.
Tuck in your quilt
to be sure your feet stay warm
and ready,
but not too tightly—
You need to feel night’s cooler edges.
And leave the window slightly open
so you can navigate
your dreams by starlight .
Have a good book next to the bed
in case you should wake in the dark,
and rock yourself to sleep
with song of waves
ebbing and flowing.
Place something fragrant
beneath your pillow
and wear your softest shirt.
Leave accumulated mail
on the table in the kitchen.
Tomorrow will be time enough
to get new bearings,
and when you grind the morning’s coffee,
set aside a cup to hold the new poem
you will shape in clearest metaphors.
Arrange a dawn
to greet you
no matter the weather.
Just don’t think too much about
coming home,
so you leave room
for surprises.


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