Circus Poems

Snake Oil Man

It's a miracle,
these bright blue pills!
Just two will do it –
cure your aches
even heart pains
that cause those curious tears,
so embarassing,
that no one really understands.

You'll feel
instant relief
– can lift, carry, bend,
prepare meals,
clean up,
do the washing –
without those
distressing thoughts,
to slow you down.

These pills will calm
your jittery nerves,
soothe those tingles deep inside,
so you smile
as you work,
as you do
what you must.

Just take them with water
or whatever
to get them down.
Trust me –
They'll do the trick
and make you feel
all better.

And the snake oil man
his hand
already deep
your pocket.

  The Middle Air

I stride the middle air,
a tightrope walker
on a silver wire
high above the circus crowd.
The tent is dark,
the canvas
blocks the moonlit sky,

A mis-step and I plunge
blindly into blackest air,
spiral swiftly down
until I land,
feet first
like a cat,
bend my legs, spring up,
and stand,

a gymnast's lithe dismount.

The applause I hear
is my heartbeat,
in rhythm all its own.

Fun House

There will come a time
when spoken words
will hold a fun house mirror before you,
an image grotesque
with bulging arms
and tooth pick legs.

Turn instead to your poems,
which show your true image
– arms flexing to embrace,
legs muscled to pace the path ahead.
Hold fast to your poems –
they show what's real
in a carnival world
where the barker promises
to show you never-before-seen freaks
if you'll only go inside.

  Roller Coaster

There's a moment
when you've crawled up the ramp,
ratcheting slowly,
almost painfully, to the top,
and then, just before the car you're in
plunges down along the downward rail,
you're terrified
because you just don't know
how it will feel
to fall headlong,
with no restraint,
not knowing yet
what you learn on the way down,
– that somewhere there must be a bottom,
and the track will pull you up,
and slow you down,
and come to rest,
– your heart beating fast,
but still beating

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